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  • Branding Consistency


    Branding consistency is surprisingly harder than it sounds. You would think a small business would be able to easily send the same message across all communication platforms. You’d be wrong. I had an epiphany while reading Elizabeth Edward’s Startup book – I was really messing this up and needed to fix it. Keep reading to see the steps I’m taking to set things right.


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  • Bad Info for Entrepreneurs


    Yesterday an infographic presented itself as an alert on my phone. I think it came from Google+ but I can’t figure out how to show old alerts. I must say, I was intrigued by what promised to be some advice for someone that’s exactly in my position. Is my startup ready for success? Unfortunately there is a lot of bad info out there. Continue Reading

  • no routine here Make Your Bed


    There’s a lot of advice on the web for entrepreneurs. I know, I’ve probably read most of it. Do this or that; don’t do this, don’t do that. Well, a lot of it is bologna but some of it is pure Kobe beef. Here’s what works for me: make your bed, getting into a routine and separation. Continue Reading

  • Brand identity fail Branding Your Business – Artistic Tools


    I have some thoughts regarding branding that I’d like to share. I’ve spoken a little bit about it before, in a post about Brand Identity. I recently came across a rather long interview with Sammy Blindell where she speaks about how to build a brand.

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  • transparency Transparency in Business


    A little thing has been tingling at the back of my mind when I think about what it means to say “furniture for the people”. Like any good product designer hoping to make a buck, I present my ideas to what I’ll loosely call a focus group. I might mention the materials, the process how easy it is to assemble and then I’ll get that look. That look is always followed  by, “It’s nice but a little too expensive for me.”

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  • coffee cake book Why We Do It


    Don’t forget the little things. You’ve got a lot to do. I need to polish up my article of incorporation and settle on a shop lease space.

    I need to get an EIN and bank account.

    I need to finish the website and get some actual viewers and followers.

    I need to order a camera and find a bandsaw on eBay.

    This is just a reminder though.

    Don’t forget why you are wanting or have already left your “normal” job.

    Don’t forget the little things.
    coffee cake book

    A book, cake and coffee.

  • tram cables Berlin WordPress Backup and Free Web Stuff


    Two important things today: setting up a WordPress backup plugin and some free web stuff I found from Google. I really can’t think of better topics for a web entrepreneur. Maybe free ice-cream. That’s probably better.

    A backup was on my list

    for a long time. So far, in the behind-the-scenes world, I have configured most of the plugins that I want to have for the site along with completing the general layout and page architecture. The big thing I was lacking, to preserve that hard word, was a backup tool., if you’ll recall, does not back up anything for you. Supposedly you can backup through your web host, an idea which doesn’t seem smart. Backing up to the same place where the original files are stored seems like a way to ask for trouble. I started looking for answers. Continue Reading