• How to Evolve to be Rich

    I’d bet that you probably saw this headline and pictured your face on a goose’s body as you waddle around laying golden eggs and trying to find ways to spend your money all in one place. Sadly that’s not quite what I’m talking about but it’s pretty darn close.

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  • Rabbit Holes the Rabbit Hole

    A guy that sells stuff probably should not be droning about getting rid of stuff. The problem is that I’ve been thinking a lot about minimalism lately. What does it mean to be a minimalist – to get rid of things and do more with less?

    Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
    “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
    “I don’t much care where –”
    “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
    Lewis Carroll

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  • Business Tips Business Tips from a Furniture Maker

    When you start to make more than one of the same thing by hand you get into a routine. Add to that the loud machinery, dusty shop and the requisite ear plugs, mask and safety glasses and you get a solitary place to think. One thing’s for sure, you must be able to be alone with yourself when you want to be a small-time maker. Talking to yourself is part of it. I sure hope so, anyways. Continue Reading

  • graffiti heavenly figure (don’t act) Cooler Than You Are

    Let me tell you a story. Last week I taught my first ever woodworking class at TX/RX Labs. It’s nothing crazy, we make a cutting board out of maple or cherry. Sorry guys, we were out of cherry for your class. We had a lot of fun, no one chopped a finger off and I made some friends while getting to spread the Raum Furniture love a little. Continue Reading

  • Fashion tips Fashion Tips from a Furniture Builder

    Crazy, right? You’re thinking, how on earth does this guy think he can give fashion tips? You’re doubly shocked if you know me. I’m bearded, tall and am always three years behind the trends. Luckily for you, I won’t be sharing my eau d’pine scented beard oil application tips or my cowboy boots for dummies workshop secrets. I give you the very best – fashion tips from G. Bruce Boyer. Continue Reading

  • Doing Business As – Your Nom De Guerre

    When you start to think about naming your new business I can guarantee you’ll begin to wonder how you may legally present it to the world. A great way to do that, and part of your overall asset protection plan, might include filing for an assumed name. Doing Business As (DBA) is a way for you to present yourself as Fred’s Hamburgers when your actual company name, filed with the state, is Fred’s Global Burger Domination. Continue Reading

  • bootstrapping recipe white bean stew Bootstrapping Recipes – White Bean and Sausage Stew

    The term bootstrapping is one of those entrepreneurial buzzwords. I bet you can remember a time when you had never even heard the word ‘startup’. Small business guys like the buzz words. It makes us feel new and creative – unique. Another great word tossed around is ‘bootstrapping’. It used to be that you were on a tight budget. I can’t fathom how bootstrapping caught on when I’m one of the only few people I know that even wears boots on a daily basis. Regardless of the term, when you’re starting out you might be short on cash and long on hunger. I can help with that.

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  • Texas LLC Naming What’s In a Name?

    Continuing with our Texas LLC Formation series, today’s topic will cover naming your soon-to-be global enterprise. There are a few steps and only one or two things to really be careful about. The great part about choosing a name in the State of Texas is the tools they provide to let you search, choose and reserve a name before you make the big leap.

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  • Texas LLC Formation

    I won’t exactly say it’s easy and straight forward to form a LLC, or Limited Liability Company, in Texas. Sure, the steps are outlined by the state but most of us need some guidance regarding how to fill out the forms correctly. The other elephant in the room is actually knowing which forms you need to fill out to be legal! This will be a multi-step blog series where I detail the exact steps I’m taking to form an LLC. Specifically, Raum Furniture will be a manager-managed multi-member LLC or a fancy way to say we will have managers that run the business and members that are investors and share in the profits and losses.

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  • seo ruining internet houston skyline Is SEO Ruining the Internet?

    You know it when you see it. You click on a Facebook or blog post link titled something like “10 Best Tricks for Glowing Hair!!”. You think, I want glowing hair. I deserve glowing hair. You click on it and are taken to Internet purgatory. You’re about to discover how bad SEO is ruining the Internet.

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