On Travel and Occupying Your Time


Tonight I’m headed overseas and thought that I’d like to share the few things I routinely do or bring with me when I take a trip overseas. As I’ve traveled more and more I tend to pack less and less. You probably notice that about yourself. Your first European trip you might have brought two outfits for every day. Your third trip saw you packing underwear and two t-shirts.

Here are my must haves for the plane ride:

  • Ear bud headphones. They do start to hurt my ears after a while – maybe this trip I’ll try the studio style. Either way, the ones you bring are always better than the airline provided ones. I don’t have noise canceling headphones but have heard they are fantastic for airplanes;
  • I’m trying out an inflatable neck pillow this trip. I always wake up with a sore neck from sleeping on the plane;
  • A lacrosse ball. Roll this along your spine, legs and feet midway through a long flight;
  • A Kindle reader. I like the simple paperwhite kind;
  • A flashlight. These guys are very handy navigating dark, unfamiliar streets and are a useful first line of self defense. Check out this article from the Art of Manliness on flashlights.

Short and sweet but these are definitely my must haves for long flights on small airplanes (don’t use your bright light on the plane!). Get out there and travel somewhere!

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