(Un) Inspired


It’s finally happened. Writer’s block. Blank slate. Alpha – no omega. Carpe nothing. I didn’t think this day would happen. I didn’t read, see or do anything that triggered a thought that caused the old lady to swallow the fly – perhaps I’ll die. So today, we’ll talk about being (un) inspired.

I like to, at a minimum, publish one blog post every week. Wednesday is my particular day of choice. Happy hump day. I usually write these on Sundays and they publish automatically in my ignorant bliss. Sometimes people even read them. Ultimately, the rigid schedule helps me to focus in and get a task done. People that get paid to write might even call this a deadline.

Recently (20 minutes ago) a particular someone suggested I try writing later. That would break rule number one – publish on Wednesdays, preferably at 10am.

…you expect and then you lose it, because there is pressure on it.

Exactly. That’s exactly what we need. How many friends do you know that have started something, particularly something enduring like a blog, and quit writing? Quit selling? Quit creating? Even when we’re uninspired, we have to persevere. Those days look like hard work. They don’t often look like inspiration.

My grandmother has said to me before, “It’s called work because they have to pay you for it.” I think that’s where we get the term starving artist. Artists create – work – because they love it. The work isn’t always done for the money. At best they break even. You get paid for work because it’s often uninspiring, unlike an artist’s canvas in front of them.

So, this is a short and somewhat (un) inspired blog post. When you’re not feeling it, it doesn’t feel fun – just remember that some days it’s hard work. Other days it’s inspiration. Keep on working.

Thanks, Tiny, for the inspiration.

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