Texas LLC Formation


I won’t exactly say it’s easy and straight forward to form a LLC, or Limited Liability Company, in Texas. Sure, the steps are outlined by the state but most of us need some guidance regarding how to fill out the forms correctly. The other elephant in the room is actually knowing which forms you need to fill out to be legal! This will be a multi-step blog series where I detail the exact steps I’m taking to form an LLC. Specifically, Raum Furniture will be a manager-managed multi-member LLC or a fancy way to say we will have managers that run the business and members that are investors and share in the profits and losses.

Texas LLC Formation

First, let’s narrow the scope of work. This series will focus on a Texas based LLC formed by members that reside in Texas. We are forming a manager-managed business with a purpose to sell furniture related items for a profit. To get the ball rolling we’ll look at these steps (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Choose a Name for your LLC
  2. File a Certificate of Formation (Form 205)
    • Secure a business address
    • Get a registered agent
    • Prepare an operating agreement
  3. File your banking and tax forms
    • EIN
    • Business License
    • Texas Comptroller
    • County/City Registration

Technically speaking, if you do these things and get approval – you’re literally in business. The next steps are largely determined upon the type of business that you are entering. Restaurants may require permits and inspections, you may need zoning permits to work from home, etc. When Raum gets to that point we’ll be sure to share any tips we learn along the way.

Texas LLC Formation

State Seal of Texas

Short and sweet today but stay tuned to continue reading about what is involved in choosing a name for your LLC and some legal speak on our take of what you can and cannot do.

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