BlueHost Email Integration


This short post will most likely not be relevant or interesting unless you have a hosted website. As I’ve been promoting the site more and more, typically with blogs and LinkedIn, I need to access my “” email account. For me, that’s most easily done using my existing Gmail account and app.

You can easily set up a forwarding account to receive all of your emails but that’s not very handy if you want to respond back to the sender using your host email account.

This is an easy process if you follow the steps in BlueHost’s instructional video. It will take you less than ten minutes to configure the settings. Before you take off with the video, I have a few items to add:

  • I was not, and still cannot, receive emails securely, i.e., using an SSL Certificate and port 995;
  • I was not given the option to send emails using Google’s or my servers – I had to use mine;
  • Create an email account first using your cPanel’s email tool.

BlueHost Email Integration

With those few things in mind, take a look at the tutorial video:

Step by step instructions can be found here. Scroll down past the video for screenshots.

If you aren’t using Gmail and prefer your iOS default email utility or something like Outlook, check this page out.

One last thing: the cPanel screen is a little different in the video, but the image at the top of this post is where you can find all of the configuration jargon like ports and mail servers in your cPanel tool.

Hope this helps – I know it’s boring to most folks compared to Bauhaus photos, but please share with anyone you know that’s also starting up a website of their own.

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