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A Page is Born

I’m pleased to announce that the new ‘About Us’ page is ready for the public. This one was tricky for me for several reasons. I don’t like to talk about myself. This might be evident and make the page be a little weak on content but we’ll find out soon, especially if you leave a comment. The page was also difficult to create because of the pressure and my lack of resources. Luckily, I think it will work for the interim – I really only want to add a short promo video of me talking a bit for about a minute so that you can get to know me, and not just the business.

About Us

This page is often touted as one of a website’s highest viewed pages. With that in mind, you want it to be great, not just good. I searched for the best pages and came up with a common theme: tell a story and have some great graphics. Fortunately I had some not-so-old photos taken by a great friend that symbolize what we do – build furniture. For reference, he used a Nikon full frame DSLR and did some editing. I’ll post his website up when he gets it built later this year. With all of that riding on a single page, I was beginning to feel the pressure.


I wanted to have a mission statement and also convey some sort of our ideals and why we think our furniture store is a great idea. I’m not knocking on the big name, 600 pound gorilla, Ikea. In fact, I love their stuff, I have three bar stools in my own home. I just tend to think that affordable furniture doesn’t have to be so cheap feeling or that quality furniture doesn’t have to be made by a bearded lumberjack using a hacksaw and a blunt rock that costs you $5,000.

Don’t be fooled, I’ve got one expensive piece in the queue. I just can’t get the price down because the design is so rad and the laser cutter wants a ton of money for it. I’m sorry in advance. You’ll know what I’m talking about soon enough.


I’m also still undecided if I should add a “Contact Us” section or just put it at the bottom of every page. I don’t feel that an entire page is needed just for an email address and a phone number. I don’t have a physical store, so no map is needed. In writing this, I think I’ve already decided not to make a dedicated page. No need for the extra clutter.

Speaking of clutter, I think having the color palette already put together has made designing the pages that much faster while reducing clutter.

Lastly, enjoy this photo taken from the banks of the Vltava River in Prague. Can’t think of a better way to put some thoughts together to finish an About Us page.

Vltava River Prague

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