From Scratch – a startup story


Well. I know it looks terrible. Bear with me. I don’t know what I’m doing but this startup story will have to do.

I’m trying to start a for-profit business based around high quality, beautiful and easy to assemble flat-pack furniture for the average person. Why am I trying to start a business? I left my job as a project engineer building refineries and what-not and figured I’d have a go at being my own boss for a while. What a pain that turned out to be. However, there’s no motivation like starving to death, so I’ve had to learn a lot and quickly.

TV Tower

TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

So, I hope to pay it forward. I’m a fan of Instagram and YouTube. One thing I notice is that the guys that are successful and growing are the ones that pay it forward. They teach, they spend their time and their money to show their viewers what’s going on behind the scenes, how stuff works and whatnot. I couldn’t agree more.

As I’ve had to start everything from scratch I assume there are other folks out there that are trying to do the same. We all need help. I make no claim at business fortitude or legal wisdom or anything else that you might need but I will talk about what I’m doing, why I’m making the choices I did and how I overcome hurdles as I meet them. In the end, hopefully, I’ll have a fully functioning startup business that makes money and an interesting side blog about starting a business the ‘probably’ right way. Strap in for the ride.

P.S. please bear with the website. It’s a work in progress but I thought the blog would only be relevant if I added content as I discover it. With any luck the “main” page will update until it looks nice and once I figure the rest out, you’ll see the good stuff. Oh yeah, I’m in Berlin at the moment. Everything to come will be happening in Houston.

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