• Tools on workbench Not in Order – but it’s a start


    Things aren’t quite going to be in logical order for you, my dear readers. Normally (I think) you don’t make the website first when you start a business. Maybe you do for an eCommerce site, but how would I know? The site is what I’m working on now so the site is what I’ll talk about. However, to catch you up, this is kind of the ‘plan’ I’m following to get things rolling.

    Feasibility study

    This involved a few steps. I wasn’t dreaming up this idea and working on it all while I had a job. I left my job and then had to figure out what I wanted to do. I had no products lined up on paper, no Etsy site selling out of my garage. Nothing. I had to design some products, determine a sell price, figure out my costs and all that. More on this later as it’s pretty important. If you want a jumpstart, check out the book I’m using over at Amazon. I’m not making any money by recommending this book to you. Continue Reading

  • TV Tower From Scratch – a startup story


    Well. I know it looks terrible. Bear with me. I don’t know what I’m doing but this startup story will have to do.

    I’m trying to start a for-profit business based around high quality, beautiful and easy to assemble flat-pack furniture for the average person. Why am I trying to start a business? I left my job as a project engineer building refineries and what-not and figured I’d have a go at being my own boss for a while. What a pain that turned out to be. However, there’s no motivation like starving to death, so I’ve had to learn a lot and quickly.

    TV Tower

    TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

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